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The Sandman


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    If this were to be implemented, I’d like to see a name change as well as making it less OP. Voted!

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    Unknown Dobo commented
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    I'd love to hear any ideas you had.  I put sandman 'cause i figured it was a figure from folklore that isn't implemented much in fantasy settings and the whole sleeping thing that was put in for the phantom could have a good alternative for people who sleep too much.
    Looking into the sandman folklore, Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story with a sandman called Ole Lukoje, meaning "closed eye".  Maybe he could be The Lukoje instead. 

    As for his rules i thought i'd got a good balance but maybe not. 
    My thinking was that, because he appears when you are in your bed, potentially in the place you have the most resources prepared he would need some decent abilities. 

    The passing through transparent blocks was just a way of getting him into areas where the player might be sleeping, otherwise he's just a guy that stands outside while you sleep, we've all had that problem with creepers before anyway. 

    Fatigue and slowness are horrible when your out in the world because they leave you exposed but when your securely inside your base they're pretty inconsequential.  The reason the arrows of slowness that the strays use are so nasty is because you're already outside after dark, probably rushing to get back indoors, or trying to close the gap with the ranged threat that the strays represent.  
    Mining fatigue makes a difference in the ocean monument because not being able to break through a wall fast enough can result in drowning. 
    Neither of those are real problems within your own house. You won't be dealing with ranged threats other then the sandman and there shouldn't be a need to break blocks, I only added them in as options as a nod to the whole "blows sand in peoples faces to put them to sleep". 

    The teleporting the player and removing an item was my attempt to balance out the way player death happens in game.  If Sandman uses regular death mechanics when he kills a player then they will re-spawn almost exactly where they died, they probably just set spawn in their bed so they'll wake up in the same room that sandman just killed them in, all their gear will still be there. That's not really much of a threat, especially as he has very strict criteria for spawning in the first place. 
    If he makes the player re-spawn in a random location but their gear is still where they died, there is very little chance of getting back to it before it despawns, considering that they won't even have a map to find their way home. 
    That's why i suggested a compromise, player is left in a random location but looses a single item from their hotbar or armour.  That's a double edged sword depending on what you were doing, you might lose that enchanted diamond chestplate, you might lose a stack of gravel which you picked up whilst you were mining just now. Either way it's still less painful than falling into lava and losing everything.

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    Thank you. I did not realize the folklore behind the Sandman, and I guess you’re right, it is pretty balanced vs. the requirements.

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    Some Animal commented
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    I liked the explanation, the balenceing is pretty good, however, the sandman may just annoy some players, so unless the sandman gets a good drop, No Vote.

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    Unknown Dobo commented
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    @some animal:
    Yeah I kinda thought that there would be a reward but figured that there are enough awesome ideas for loot on here without me throwing out a half thought out idea as an add on.
    I dunno, maybe they have an enchantment book for night vision on helmets or something.