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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Moss should grow on rock.


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    Blast Burner commented
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    Luckily that can be found in temples, giant Taigas, underwater ruins, and Pillager Outposts.

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    Endergy commented
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    Instead of Moss Growing on Rock, similar to grass, I propose moss becomes a new placeble block in general!
    Here is an in-game Mock-up of Moss that I created!

    Moss should also have unique fire mechanics, similar to Moss in real life (which is infamous for being extremely flammable).
    Here is a few links demonstrating how moss would work.

    Moss Growth & Placement <(LINK)

    Moss Fire Mechanics <(LINK) 
    Moss Enhancing Current Structures <(LINK) 

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    xavier pail commented
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    You're amazing, endergy.

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    Franco Volpi commented
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    very cool!!!

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    Catcadev commented
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    Okay.. I have to vote for this post because Endergy's idea expands on the post a lot, great idea Jared!

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    theleafcat commented
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    Maybe it should grow faster underwater or have some sort of sea grass cobble and other blocks

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    An extension to this would be mossy should only grow [spread] near water, during rain, or under the waterdrop particle effects (water above a block).

    Moss doesn't naturally spawn in or grow[spread] dry biomes like Deserts, Badlands and Mesas. 

    It should also only grow[spread] on stone or cobblestone(and variants) and logs[vertical growth height of 1]

    Instead of using bonemeal to extend growth[under above conditions], milk can be used, much like buttermilk is used in real life, giving new life to the resource.

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    May it should only grow, when it's raining or if water in nearby

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    I suggest adding moss, and there are already a couple of ideas for it.
    Moss, used as a decoration, etc., and also from it one could make a purification potion.
    The fact is that some types of moss are antifungal, antibacterial, etc.
    That is, in the game, moss can be interpreted as removing bad effects from the body of the character / player.
    To do this, use scissors to click on the growing moss to get the moss.
    Put the moss in the oven or take it to a hot biome and dry it. After we get dry.
    Dry moss can be used as fuel (for example, as dry kelp).
    Combine the dry moss and the muddy potion in the hob, we get a muddy purification potion that will remove absolutely all the effects (Like milk).
    If you add mushroom light to the muddy purification potion (from 1.16), you get a purification potion, which will remove only negative effects.
    If you break the moss with your hand and not RMB with scissors over it, then we will get uncleaned moss.
    Raw moss could be added to bee hive craft.
    Since in reality it was used for this.
    Also from it it will be possible to get a block of unrefined moss.
    Also, non-peeled moss, moss, a block of non-peeled moss and a block of moss can be used in composter to obtain fertilizer.
    Moss plant.
    Unrefined moss.
    Block of raw moss.
    Moss thing.
    Block of moss.
    Dry moss.
    Block of dry moss.
    Muddy Potion of Purification.
    Potion cleansing.
    These potions have explosive and foggy options and also have an arrow with this effect.

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    FireManiac44 commented
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    This is a great idea Endergys mock up opens so many possibilities and as the commenter above me pointed out moss is anti-fungal and have cleansing effects it could work similar to milk and removes potion effects there could also be carpet or moss armor or something

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    Just like how Endergy said moss should be given a block form but be an actual block. Its appearance should be a green looking podzol on all sides. A new mechanic in game could be that when moss interacts with water it becomes a mossy/watery block. When u step on it you will slowly sink in like cobweb but a bit faster and only halfway with having the ability to still jump out.

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    Transmedal2 commented
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    It needs to be slippery like ice blocks but alittle faster and green in color.

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    Estellarium commented
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    Moss could make it so you can't sneak on the block's edge without falling.