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Cursed with Awesome, Blessed with Suck


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    You might want to change suck to luck!

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    The theme was more along the lines of attractive curses and unattractive enchantments i.e. more reasons to switch weapons in different situations.

    For example Fire Aspect may not be useful if you really want raw meat. In that situation it is 'Blessed with Suck'.

    The Curse of Blinking is good in many situations but not if it causes you to run off a ledge into lava. So it is 'Cursed with Awesome'.

    Just a few ideas to make equipment more unique through the Curse system.

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    The purpose of many tools can be changed drastically with the introduction of a few enchantments and curses.

    To improve Hoes I would make them take time to till soil. Better material hoes take less time. I would also add the following enchantments and curses:

    • Efficiency I-V: Decrease time taken to till soil.
    • Reaping I-III: Left clicking with Hoe harvests an area of farm crops in front of you. The arc length and depth increases with higher levels.
    • Sowing: Upon harvesting a crop, an identical crop will be planted if a seed for that crop is in the player's inventory.
    • Curse of Morphology: When tilling soil, adjacent dirt or grass blocks may turn into Mycelium or Podzol.

    I would like to add a few enchantments to make axes less of a tool and more a weapon:

    • Fire Aspect: Sets mobs on fire and gives harvested logs a chance to drop charcoal instead. (Only available using enchanted book.)
    • Stunning I-III: Chance to disable shields and slow the target for a second. Higher levels increase chance and duration. (This replaces Efficiency as the way to improve the shield disabling mechanic).
    • Looting I-III: Increases mob loot. (Only available using enchanted book.)
    • Knockback I-II: Increases knockback. (Only available from enchanted book.)
    • Curse of Sundering: +3 attack damage. Logs may turn into 6 - 10 sticks when harvested, boosted by Fortune.