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Pillager w/ Firework Harry potter style

under review


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    New villager, moving to correct category.

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    TheAloneKings commented

    hay new idea look there should be a 1 in 500 chance that the leader of the raid is Voldemort and the rest are named death eaters and they throw potions and fire spells at villagers

     (ps I don't mind if you take this idea and add it on your comment I will take that as a complement)  

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    Or witches flying on brooms, with a rare chance of having swiftness on them

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    Pillager w/ Firework aww man

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    it may just be the harry potter reference getting to me, but i do really like the idea of mobs announcing their arrival with a dark mark style symbol in the sky. though im not really feeling it for pillagers. but illusioners would be an excellent fit, and it would go great with them if they got integrated into survival properly