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There should be "ore chunks" where certain ores generate more


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    Braedyn Vest commented
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    These already exist lol


    1. coal

    Anywhere mountainous


    2. diamond

    Higher chance in spawning in deserts due to height max level taken up to 20


    3. iron

    Anywhere but extreme hills and plains biomes


    4. lapis



    5. redstone

    As common as coal, except at diamond level so there is no reason y any biomes should be associated with this ore

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    Technodono commented
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    diamonds and coal forming near eacholther??? i mean diamonds are carbon and so is coal sooooo.....


    and also emeralds in only mountain biomes

    and gold in macer

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    BroKenMind23 commented
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    I like this idea too. I also think they should re-add the ability to choose how much ore is generated globally like in Customized Worlds (which was removed). 

    I regularly start a new world, especially when a new update is released, so hopefully something happens with ore generation at some point so that we can choose how long it takes us to find ore.

    At the moment in survival it takes too long to find rarer ores imo. I also like survival mode the best, so was not happy when Customized Worlds was removed. I understand why, but they said the'd put it or something like it back, but nothing so far and no word on it either, so i'm worried. 

    Hope we get some info on this soon as I have asked in various places, but no one has answered sadly.

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    Galiantus commented
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    I think this should be done in connection with the addition of underground biomes. Ore rates should be more exclusionary of each other, and certain ore types should occur at more mid-range levels (not just the bottom of the world), depending on the biomes. Basically, you should be able to target specific ores if you know what to look for on the surface and underground. Doing so should make a big enough difference that you would distinguish between a redstone mine and a gold mine. Not doing so should tend to result in an poor return rates.

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    Nathan Lewis commented
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    Cool idea; totally should be a thing. But you'd think it could easily become very cheaty. People use websites to find slime chunks, so couldn't people also use websites to find a diamond chunk?

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    ColbyOdi commented
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    I like this a lot. It would incentivize building coal mines, and iron mines, and they'd actually be functional!