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Deadzone slider on console


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    Because Minecraft isn't taking advantage of Controller. Keyboard+Mouse is given way more abilities that Controller can do as well, (Such as assigning a Hotbar Slot to a button on Controller, most Keyboard+Mouse Players don't really even use 1-9 for these, xD).

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    G1iTc4M08 commented
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    For so long I wondered why the game seemed like it was lagging and I never considered the deadzone to be the source of the problem. Now with ps4's bedrock release I got to see a near 0 deadzone and I'm left wondering why you can't change the deadzone or at least default it to 5. 100% needed because not every player has a keyboard and mouse just for their xbox. Just saying I find it really dumb that the xbox version (something owned by microsoft) is worse than the ps4 ver.

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    Holy Bjeeba commented
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    Can we please get this? Aiming on Minecraft is impossible after playing other games

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    TheGamerComet commented
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    You aren't wrong. I have controller drift on my right analog stick, making me look down slowly on certain occasions, and it would be nice for deadzone settings to be added, just like in Minecraft dungeons.

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    I absolutely agree,that there should be a control stick deadzone slider for the three consoles and mobile controllers and controllers on pc.

    it feels like. I barely touch the control stick and it moves,quite a bit. Too sensitive.

    I feel like if my controller gets degraded over time like all controilers do at some point without the deadzone slider it would be impossible to play minecraft at that point where my control sticks drift due to age. 

    I appreciate it,for anyone who took the time to read this,thank you. Hope this gets resolved soon.