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Updating (Older) Worlds to Newer Updates


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    fort nite commented
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    It's pretty hard to leave behind something you have worked on for a few years just to be forced to explore far from your base to even find the updated areas. Then you realize that the more you explore the harder it will be to explore in the next update because even though you just looked at a few random spots and did nothing of importance in them they will never again be updated. 

    It is really annoying that just because you loaded a chunk and never did anything important in it that now that chunk will never be updated. Then on top of that random chunks will and won't update making your world look like throw up because random chunks decided to not update making them super tall or low compared to the surrounding area. 

    Basically, this is a good idea and should be added. Also, if there is ever a cave update you should be able to select whether or not you want to update the underground area and select the axis level at which your world will update below it. So basically if my base goes 20 blocks underground I select the Y axis at which my base ends so all the blocks under that throughout my world will be updated.

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    Chris A commented
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    This is sooo needed for PS4. I have been playing my survival world for over a year and have countless hours of building into it.

    New village and pillage update come out and I have to fly around for hundreds or thousands of blocks to find a new type village. I have explored hundreds of chunks to find Mesa biome which will never be updated.

    With the new nether update I’m also disappointed because I won’t see the new biomes due to exploration.

    Deleting chunks is possible on java and I feel like PS4 players are punished for exploring their worlds and putting time into creating/building their worlds.

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    StormedNitro commented
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    This sounds impossible, even if it is possible it would be way too difficult. I don't know much of what I talk about in this regard, but to my understanding the save files would have to be updated. Updating new chunks individually would make the grounds uneven and you would have to update every single chunk you generated.