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Villagers Open Trapdoors, Fence Gates, Climb Ladders


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    TheAloneKings commented
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    NightWing1154 commented
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    This would be a great idea! (Especially since 1.14 with the new structures in villages they keep getting stuck in their animal pens)

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    Gintoki1987 commented
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    As a way to prevent villagers from going through fence gates, I suggest the addition of Iron Fence gates. Working on the same principle as Iron Doors in needing a redstone singal to operate.

    For the villagers being able to decidedly pathfind via ladders would also help villagers acutally fully utilize their homes in the few naturally generated village structures which does generate with ladders. (it has always wondered me why mojang added ladders to some village structures when villagers are incapable of using them correctly)

    And for villagers to use trapdoors would also be nice. This however might lead to some problems in regards to using trapdoors for their intended purpose, trapping/deveiving mobs and therefore also villagers. So this especially requires some carefull thoughts to not break more than it adds.

    Being able to craft regular doors/trapdoors/fence gates into variants that are inoperable by villagers is a feasible solution. Perhaps the opposite could also be an option. Make villagers unable to operate regular doors/trapdoors/fence gates and only be able to operate ones that has been marked as "villager doors" perhaps by crafting a door together with an emerald. This would ofcourse require naturally generated doors in villages to be of this new type.

    Anyways, I would love for villagers to be able to uttilize these in their normal pathfinding :)

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    Robotics5 commented
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    Instead of lock doors, why not just use the iron variants?

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    Dicrosoft commented
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    Villagers should attempt to sleep in the bed closest to their job site block. Currently I have (eg) Farmers sleeping in the bed at the Weaponsmith's house.