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Stop disabling achievements when using mods


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    ShadowHawk3rd commented
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    The difference is that the Bedrock achievements are not just a world-by-world record, but a point score on Xbox or PS accounts. In current Java edition each world tracks Advancements separately, which should be matched with Bedrock.

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    Vaniush commented
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    I completely agree with you : if someone really wants to unlock all achievements without being fair, then this is not a game anymore for this person and as you said, there are worlds on the internet that you just can import to your game so there is everything to unlock the achievements. Add-ons are a really interesting feature on Bedrock Edition and now you can just play the game the way you like it. So ban achievements because of add-ons is NOT a good thing because you CANNOT enjoy the game fully.

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    Sangheili11 commented
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    the reason there disabled was because it affects the xbox gamers score. java was just for fun and it doesn't affect anything

    bu a few months ago people started making maps where you can unlock achievements that changes the maps txt from locked to unlock

    but since thats been defeated it's better just to allow mods/addons now with achievements since who knows how many people took this route so we can have other items ingame like more shields and such or weapons..

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    I read and understood both arguments and agree with both. I personally want achievements to be allowed with behavior packs, only because people have used   MCC Tool Chest PE   to bypass being in creative and re-enabling achievements. Also, like the other person said, using the tool I mentioned above it's possible to make a custom map and have achievements re-enabled. So... it doesn't stop them anyways... I would still play the game fair, but the only difference is that I'd be able to have my own mods that I programmed myself from scratch added into my world(s) without achievements being disabled. Such things I make are new mobs, and maybe new biomes, dimensions, and items etc. So... it would be a dream if you could get rid the feature where it enforces us to have achievements disabled in order to have behavior packs enabled. Or at least add an option to choose from like, >add behavior pack with achievements disabled<  and   >add behavior pack with achievements enabled<  With messages explaining what they do individually. It would be similar to the operator without cheats and operator with cheats enabled concept. Same idea.  Think about this for awhile... Thanks for taking your time to read this, and have a good day/night. 

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    hatchet5891 commented
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    Maybe take into account what the behavior pack does. I mean there is no reason that 1 player sleep behavior for servers should disable achievements. how does everybody sleeping at one time affect that at all. Or another one is this wolf addon I found that also changes how a wolf behaves. It is still tamed the same as well as the breeding system. It just adds additional wolves to biomes and makes them act differently based on their type. Again, no reason this should affect achievements. I can understand some behavior packs that may change certain core gameplay, but not all of them are linked to an achievement.

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    SJ Gaming9024 commented
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    All of you share this idea now it should be in 1.17 who thinks this good ???