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Serial killer


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    Uh, well, not that interesting nor logic lore-wise.

    Actual serial killers are really far from being that prevalent and usually a serial killer relies on hiding (so the blood-stained coat makes no sense).

    Moreover I think Mojang intend all kind of villagers to stay passive mobs so I don't see that added in any way. Sorry.


    Right now making a tower structure that will be nothing like any other house, that will not really relate to villagers in any way except by its appearance and will even kill villagers from the town it's in really makes no sense. The player will always arrive in a village where every villager has already been killed by this thing since we all know there is no village that naturally has Iron Golems.

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    Also, this wouldn’t be to appropriate for children. This may lead Minecraft to forfeiting its E10+ rating, which would not be good for growth.