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Coordinates on maps and tweaked map size


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    Umija5895M commented
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    I'd like to see maps (when viewed in main/off hand at least) show the range of X & Z coordinate. Then when I have a bunch of maps in my inventory I can more easily pick out the one for where I am in the world.

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    KShaiban13 commented
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    What they can do to maps is like a mark for a place.

    Like if you found a gigantic cave system, you would want to go back to that cave to mine resources. Most players write the coordinates or take a screenshot, but none of those is compact. Instead they can add this feature that if you find a place, and you want go back to it in the future, you can use cartography/crafting table to make a map mark using a map and something like a quill (just like in Book and Quill).If you find my thinking interesting, then please support it. Thank you. :)


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    YeIIowSoa commented
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    I would like to see this so at least on bedrock you won't need to have coordinates on screen at all times, you could just carry the map around.