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Coordinates on maps and tweaked map size


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    Umija5895M commented
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    I'd like to see maps (when viewed in main/off hand at least) show the range of X & Z coordinate. Then when I have a bunch of maps in my inventory I can more easily pick out the one for where I am in the world.

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    KShaiban13 commented
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    What they can do to maps is like a mark for a place.

    Like if you found a gigantic cave system, you would want to go back to that cave to mine resources. Most players write the coordinates or take a screenshot, but none of those is compact. Instead they can add this feature that if you find a place, and you want go back to it in the future, you can use cartography/crafting table to make a map mark using a map and something like a quill (just like in Book and Quill).If you find my thinking interesting, then please support it. Thank you. :)


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    YeIIowSoa commented
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    I would like to see this so at least on bedrock you won't need to have coordinates on screen at all times, you could just carry the map around.

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    I feel that they should put coordinates back on only the starting maps and any maps that you create. I can understand wanting to create a good challenge for the player so leaving of an explorer map or a treasure map is reasonable but I think maps that we start with and make or receive from cartography villagers (with the exception of explorer maps) have the X, Y, Z coordinates on the maps again

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    FaizKTG commented
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    Yes, we NEED this! This feature is definitely the feature I missed the most after switching to Bedrock.

    KShaiban13 Your Idea is an already existing feature ONLY on Java edition. Basically, you place a banner in the place you like, right-click it and BOOM it shows up as a marker on the map. Either way, this does not exist on Bedrock and I don't see why so plz mojong add thx.

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    leothe2 commented
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    minecraft map should make it to where are you if you push m on your keyboard it will reveal a map on youre screen plus it will give us one extra space in or slots and shows where we have been and where we have not been and if we die we do not lose the map

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    More Zelda and more Mega Man Minecraft maps for in intendo switch