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New inventory UI


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    I like it! I like the back icon you made, and also enchanted neckwear could be a nifty addition to the game. Gloves & gauntlets should've been in awhile ago, 'cos we've been battling with unprotected arms since the Minecraft Epoch! Also they added the offhand slot, which is kind of awkwardly placed on its own. I'd like to see the rest of the row filled in :)

    The backpack thing interests me. I don't see the need for inventory expansion (I think it's of a satisfactory size right now) BUT I do see a left-out explanation for why the player can hold 36 items. I've always imagined players wearing invisible backpacks. What I want to see is the 27-slot inventory done away with, then 4 tiers of backpacks which expand your inventory to the normal limit and beyond:

    • Tier 0 (No packpack): 9-slot hotbar only
    • Tier 1 (Wood Framed Pack): 9-slot hotbar + 9-slot inventory.
    • Tier 2 (Woolen Knapsack):  9-slot hotbar + 18-slot inventory
    • Tier 3 (Leather Backpack): 9-slot hotbar + 27-slot inventory
    • Tier 4 (Ender Bag): 9-slot hotbar + 36-slot inventory

    Those materials 1-3 oughtn't be too hard to get. Plus when you die, all your stuff ought to remain bagged up inside the pack

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    It's severely uncanny how close your idea is to mine... as well as the arrangement of the slot items. 
    Truly remarkable... alas, your usages of them are very severely limited and riddled with concepts that have already been denied. 
    I suppose I shall have to make my own post about this.

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    I always though an new UI update would take the survival inventory UI and add tabs.  One tab would be your regular/main inventory.  The other tabs would be slots where you can link a shulker box or ender chest, as long as shulker is in your main inventory.  Just select any shulker tab in your inventory to have quick access to those shulker items.  These tabs would be like a pockets lined with your shulker box, and could access the contents of the shulker with out putting it down on the ground.

    Lets say you have a shulker of different copper blocks and want to use a few of them.  If the shulker is in main inventory, you can assign it to a tab, select the tab, the contents of the shulker are displayed and accessible as if it were your inventory. If you then need some wood, just select that tab with the wood shulker box and you have access to all your wood with out moving inventory around.  When you are done with the shulkers, you just select your main inventory tab and everything is back to normal.

    No extra inventory space is created here, just easier access to items in the shulkers so items don't have to be moved in and out of your main inventory when you are working with many different blocks and items.  They remain in the shulkers and you can just access them by changing tabs.