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Fireworks Filled with Potions


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    Levi Waldrop commented
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    I like the idea, but instead of the recipe being 1 firework and 1 potion, I think it should be 1 firework and 1 tipped arrow/lingering potion. The reason being is that the way you have it, it would be a far easier way of getting lingering potion and lingering potions are an end game item.

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    FakeGreenJF commented
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    I like this idea, but I think they should be able to be crafted in the Fletching Table and using potions but it leaves no lingering effect (so you cant get lingering early game and the firework with potion isnt late game either) and instead the potions affect those in the explosion, that would finally give the fletching table a use and could make fireworks a decent weapon, having multishot with fireworks is already cool but even if the firework has 7 stars it still has trouble killing zombies in one shot and you need a lot of gunpowder for that, so the extra potion effects would be really handy.