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Harder Version of Minecraft


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    TrulyTails commented
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    Or perhaps add these into hardcore? 

    I have to disagree with the sleeping. You're saying you don't wanna just 'not sleep and fight through the night' but be forced to not be able to sleep and fight through the night..? All you're doing is throwing away the option lol. Or just wait afk in your house..but ok. 


    I love cave in idea. I play on java like 98% of the time but on bedrock, gravel tends to spawn in floating quite often and sometimes caves in. It's really cool. Any kind of cave-in ability would be sick though. Many people have been asking for a Cave update, hopefully it's heard and this is thrown in. 


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    Galiantus commented
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    Something like this is absolutely needed. I don't want to play hardcore because I don't want to lose my world, but I do want features that make the game experience an actual survival game. (Seriously, why are we calling it "Survival" anymore? It's an RPG sandbox game now, NOT survival.)