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End Deserts


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    I like it, the end does need new biomes.

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    Just adding onto your idea- 

    End Sand would be purplish-blue, does not fall until a play steps on it, similar to the Dripleaf Plant coming in 1.17. It can be smelted into Indigo Glass. 

    Ender Cacti, maybe called "Endauro Cactus" (reference to Saguaro Cactus) should deal more damage than a regular cactus, but could be smelted into the all-new indigo dye. 

    The magnetic thing I hadn't thought of, very creative!

    However, I think End Sandstone should just be Endstone because we want to keep the end as bare as possible, And the End Scorpions are too similar to existing animals to be added.