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Cactus Desert Biome


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    A cactus-infested desert variant would be a nice addition, kind of like the towering ice spikes of one of the snow biomes.  But 10-20 blocks is a little much.  They should only be tall enough to support two branching arms, like your classic three-pointed cactuses.  The support for them, as currently blocks can't be placed touching a cactus, could be bare, spineless facets of the block, kind of like those on the giant mushroom blocks.

    There can also be 1 block cactuses with flowering fruit on top that can be eaten and even remove potion effects with the cactus water it contains.  A cactus structure with loot is too strange.

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    copperEye2553 commented
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    all we got is cake and cookies

    it's spelled desert