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Attack Decay and Weaponhand - A Change to Combat to Make Everyone Happy


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    Nebulacrity commented
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    The randomization aspect of weapons in the In Survival part of the post especially caught my eye. I believe Minecraft will greatly benefit from more flexibility and depth of tool/weapon modifications, and the mentioned suggestion makes it work quite well.

    The overall idea of the post is great as well, as it technically settles the years-long dispute between the two sides of the Minecraft community. There's something for everyone, which is great.

    Either way, I voted. Lets hope others will do the same.

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    ClockSpiral . commented
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    I'm all for this. This is essentially the great middle the community has been starving for.

    To be completely honest, I really like the decay idea... but I also liked the "charge-up" feel that came with the current system.
    To fix this, we simply need to get a new "Charge" enchantment, and this would be all good.

    The weight system is what really makes this idea shine! It makes the decay different based on the item's set weight, so one could actually strategize what tools to use!

    Definite +1

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    Well thought out and presented! I’m totally on board! As a big-time axe fighter since 1.9, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! The weapon randomization idea is amazing, too- it would give a great feel to the game to have weapons that are customized in more ways than just the enchantments you put on. And looting the outer end would become just way better.
    I feel like the randomized weapons could benefit from a few more changing variables, too- maybe max durability, attack range and base knockback too? Armour from loot chests could also benefit from that... I’m getting away from myself- your idea made me too excited.

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    Great idea! I've always liked the 1.9 system, but was also disappointed at how few other players liked it. This could create the balance needed to reunite the two halves.

    The weaponhand idea was cool, too - But I feel like being able to use a bow and a sword simultaneously would be a little overpowered. People can do that right now, anyway, but at the cost having a shield.

    It would also be interesting, if, in light of your weapon weight system, different tiers would have different advantages, including but not limited to weight - For instance, gold might be heavy and easily broken but it's easy to enchant, as it is now, or diamond gear could be extra durable, but not as powerful as iron.

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    Blast Burner commented
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    This is just too good.

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    Lots of good ideas. My only fear is that players will just go to the wiki and find out which has the highest dps and just always use that one. There would need to be careful balance and a bigger difference between weapons to make sure each is viable and the choice is up to the player.

    Some ideas:
    - Short swords can be dual wielded, can be spam clicked, have the highest dps but they don't damage shields to encourage attacking from the side or back.
    - Swords can cleave more effectively than currently allowing hitting multiple enemies.
    - Hammers ignore shields and do heavy damage to armour meaning they work best against single armoured targets.
    - Spear
    When you are holding a spear on a horse you do damage to any mobs you hit while riding on the horse. A spear could also be used off the horse, it has a longer reach than a sword but a slow recharge time.

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    CycloneDusk commented
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    Oh, this is much more reasonable! It reminds me of the weapons capacitors on the ships in the old Star Wars Galaxies MMO, if any of you remember it. Each pull of the trigger subtracted from the capacitor's charge, but the capacitor recharged over time. You could drain it entirely with a full auto barrage, but then your rate of fire would slow to a crawl and your salvos would be weakened.

    Your plan also has the effect of progressively decreasing the hit power. I just REALLY LIKE the sound of how this would work. It sounds delightfully intuitive, like it would have EXCELLENT Game Feel. I crave to experience this.

    I Wholeheartedly Support this!

    Edit: upon further consideration, although you've made your intentions clear that you want, specifically, more WEAPONS in the game... I think it would be more efficient and more "Minecrafty" on a development and implementation angle if we actually used the existing tools:

    Hoes behaving as short swords (quick hits with a short sharp blade)

    Swords remaining swords,

    Axes remaining axes, 

    And shovels behaving as hammers. (Slow heavy hits with a broad blunt impact) 

    Your dual wielding proposition also is very promising.

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    I fully support your comment. I would change only one thing:

    Short sword = Shears.
    Shears are short and sharp and work perfectly as a dagger/knife for quick combat.

    I think it could work that if you have shears in your off-hand then right clicking would allow a spam-click attack that you can use in combination with sword, axe or shovel.

    Perhaps hoes could be reserved to implement mounted combat.

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    truggles1 commented
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    I'm sorry this post combat people but Mojang is adding there own combat system. Maybe some one could make a mod for this? Well at least that one makes sense.