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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Beacons effects to limit hostile mob spawns


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    This is what i have been thinking for a very long time!
    The game has no way to solve this issue apart from the spammed lights and building on rare and ugly mushroom biomes!

    Everyone should definitely up vote this, thank you :)

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    Matt D commented

    Agreed.  If I've gone deep enough in the game that I have a beacon, issues of actually keeping mobs from spawning are moot.  I can make as many torches as I need at that point, it's only a question of ruining the look of the build.

    Perhaps the two levels should be to prevent mob spawn, and to prevent them from wandering in from outside the area.

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    I was about to suggest this but then I saw your post, hope this gets upvoted.

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    SuitedAces5k commented

    I thoroughly agree! As one of thousands who loves being creative in survival, I already have to give up every third night to prevent phantoms from spawning, and the nights I do get to stay up are not all that enjoyable. Having to put fencing up all around an area to keep mobs out is understandable, and if they manage to find a way in, OK, it's on me. I'll clean up the mess. But to have to lose out on all that the night has to offer to prevent hostile mobs from spawning should be addressed. I have had to put light sources everywhere in my towns and outlying areas. Some sea lanterns, some glowstone, a bunch of torches, so yeah, there's variety, but there's no night!

    Can I enjoy a moment of contemplation as I watch the soft glow of the moonlight reflect over a river, without having to hear growling over my shoulder? Can I climb to the top of the bluffs and watch the sky gradually brighten as the sun rises over the ocean without that all-to-familiar, and annoying, sssss... BOOM! catapulting me into the water below? Can I go for an evening walk through the trails between neighboring towns, my path only dimly lit from distantly spaced lanterns as I weave my way through a modest forest, then enjoy the magnificence of the contrast of stepping out of the darkness toward a blazingly lit quartz palace that almost touches the clouds, without skeletons' arrows rocketing past me?

    Can I? Can I enjoy the night by letting my imagination run wild as I fully explore and relax under the stars, in a place my imagination sees, or in a place I have seen in real life years ago, and hope to recreate in my realm?

    So much has been implemented to assist creativity in survival but the night has yet to reach half of what it can become. It's not just a time for when the drowned emerge from the water craving battle. It's not just a place where specters from our nightmares become a reality and force us to keep sharp blades at the ready. There have been many videos posted of all the day has to offer, from beaches with colorful umbrellas made from beds to town market squares decorated with pastel-colored wool overhead like streamers. Yet our castle's secret back room corridors and underground dungeons can't be as foreboding as in the movies, there's no persistent, spooky silence where only the echoes of our own footsteps can be heard in barely-lit cobblestone tunnels, and the vast arctic doesn't feel any more desolate and hopeless under a new moon than it does in full sunlight.

    Please consider Tim's idea of allowing a device like beacons to be crafted, movable, and usable in survival to prevent hostile mobs from spawning within defined areas. Let the night and darkness evolve into just as potent of a canvas as the daytime.


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    Yes! I hate that you have to spam torches to secure your base, this way there's actually an incentive to get the beacon (don't care much for the other effects).

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    Galiantus commented

    I generally want survival to be harder, but I completely support this. At some point, the player deserves to have a base they can hang out about safely.

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    E753980Volts commented

    Beacons need this ability. We need the ability to prevent phantom spawns automatically without having to obstruct the sky with glass, lights, or other blocks. Beacons should also have the ability to prevent passive mob spawns within their radius so that you can prevent animals from spawning in your yard without covering the grass.