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The Ill

needs info


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    Needs some info here. How do people "properly take care of villagers"?

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    The time in which they spend in the dark should vary, but it should still be between 10 and 15 days. Same with the light level.

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    GigantFSAlex commented
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    One can take care of villagers by insuring that they’ve got beds to go back at night so that they don’t get sleep deprived and turn insane.

    Also make sure that villagers feel safe by always having a golem in town. If there are no golems for a long time the villagers could stop work. And after more days the villagers will go insane.

    Maybe villagers need to eat. You don’t need to feed them yourself. Villagers would eat as long as there is a chest with food such as carrots, potatoes etc. A village would spawn with such a food chest and a villager that collects foods from the farmer and inserts them. If there food chest is destroyed villagers could turn after 2 ingame weeks insane. To prevent that the player just needs to insure that the chest is there and that the farmer does its job.

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    I like this idea certain conditions that must be met in order for villagers to not turn I'll. I like the suggested conditions associated with sleep, hunger, or lighting. Here's some other ideas.
    1. Social interaction, villagers that cannot gossip will go insane due to loneliness.
    2. Villager must have enough space, if a villager is trapped in a small cell and cant travel a certain distance from their bed or cannot be in direct sunlight they turn.
    3. Biome dependency, if biome specific villagers are brought out of their biome they turn. Snowy villagers must have access to snow blocks etc.
    4. Lack of jobs, maybe a nitwit is a villager about to turn. Villagers without a job or sense of purpose are more likely to become Illagers, or a villager will revert to a nitwit before completely turning as a warning that a condition is not being met.
    5. Reputation, if your reputation falls to historic lows the village could turn on you.
    6. Lack of iron golems or cats, if villagers cant "play" with their iron golems or cats they get depressed and become more likely to turn.
    7. Water source, villagers have to have access to some sort of water source to drink.
    I think there should be need to be multiple conditions unfulfilled for a villager to turn or a specific condition unfulfilled for a long time. This would discourage players from having trading halls that resemble jails. If you want to be able to trade you have to take care of your villagers and keep them happy or they will revolt against you.

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    Illagers aren't ill. The are just angry at pure-blood humans for torturing them for being half-witch

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    Probably taking care of a villager is a pretty overwhelming,I mean,when you play Minecraft you have other things to do,not take care of your villagers.Now I'm not saying that this is a bad idea,but I don't agree,because adding something else that the players need to worry about,would be just too much and eventually everyone would stop doing it.