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Paleontologist or archeologist villagers


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    Now that they are adding excavation sites, an archeologist villager would be perfect!

    First because who else could have dug there? Of course, the person who dug could have left the site abandoned, but from what we can see now, archeology sites are recent structures, contrary to mineshafts for example, so they should be inhabited by at least one archeologist or paleontologist.

    It seems obvious that they would pay you for the treasures you find. But also, I think they should be the ones who sell the brushes, because it adds more challenge than finding everything you need to dig in a chest like what we've seen during the Minecraft Live.

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    I think you put it in a brew it might give you DNA of the ancient creature the fossil is fossil with the DNA you can inject it into a mob and when you breed with a animal you put DNA in that ancient creature would come out