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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Smithing Table: Armor & Upgrades


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    A Gallipot commented
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    Hoes should have revised upgrades too. There is no reason to use a diamond hoe over a stone one. Maybe take inspiration from classic games like harvest moon


    here is my suggestion -


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    Enders Host commented
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    I like the idea of upgrading armour/tools with the smithing table. I think a nice way to implement it would be to allow us to forge unique materials into said items.

    An example could be emerald, which could give a general upgrade of one damage/protection/mining speed to the item. You should only be able to forge one item into your tool so it isn't over powered.

    Some more examples could be:
    Spider eye: poison/poison resistance,
    Wither bones: wither/wither resistance,
    Magma cream: auto smelt/fire variant of thorns,
    Puffer fish: nausea/nausea resistance,
    Zombie flesh: hunger/hunger resistance.

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    Maybe you start with a leather armor in general and then forge chains, iron, gold, iron, and netherite on it. With each material, the equipment gets new properties in terms of durability, enchantability, protection, etc.

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    Add more dye-able armor. For example, add a dye to armors via the smithing table (any like iron, gold, diamond and netherite) and add trim to the piece of armor.  If you add a blue dye you add blue trim. Similar to kingdoms and other similar Minecraft modes, teams could have specific colors to the armor. Instead of teams using dyed leather armor, they could use trimmed iron or diamond armor. This would allow more custom look for your character. The netherite armor is such a dark armor, a bright trim would make it look SO GOOD. 

    Sure, skins offer so many designs for players, but players start to all look the same when they are all wearing enchanted diamond (soon to be netherite) armor. People could mix/match each piece (Yellow trimmed pants, blue trimmed chest plate, etc.)


    (I personally would add a nice blue trim to my iron and netherite armor, perhaps a black dye would look good on diamond armor)

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    Ralts9000 commented
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    Players should be able to upgrade every kind of tool on the smithing table. Similarly to the way it works with netherite, but costing the equivalent number of base item (1 for shovel, 2 for sword, etc.). This would add more functions to the smithing table than just making netherite tools and enable you to enchant simpler items and get those enchantments to better material items, which could be very useful if you don't have enough diamonds to make diamonds tools, but you already have one to craft the enchanting table.

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    jackalvillain commented
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    Of course the smithing table should enable upgrading of all kinds of tools, armor and weapons. It makes no sense for it to be a villager workstation when it requires a material never found in villages.


    Here's how I think it should work:

    Tools, armor and weapons should be organized in tiers like so:

    tier 0: wooden tools & weapons

    tier 1: stone tools & weapons, leather & chainmail armors

    tier 2: iron

    tier 3: gold & diamond

    tier 4: netherite

    In that scheme, gold equipment should be infinitely enchantable. Still with ever increasing level cost of course, but you should never see 'too expensive!' when trying to enchant gold stuff, as enchantability is the one thing it has going for it (well, and now also piglin pacification).


    Of course, upgrading should not be massively cheaper than crafting from scratch, but I'm sure you can come up with a smithing table interface that, when you put in a piece of equipment, tells you your upgrading options, and how much of what resource each of them costs.


    So you could take, for example, a chainmail helmet, upgrade it with 5 iron ingots, then you have to choose whether to upgrade with 5 diamonds and have a not very enchanted, but super durable piece of armor, or upgrade with 5 gold ingots and have a super enchantable piece of armor that you can put all the relevant helmet enchantments on (without having to worry about the infuriatingly confusing enchanting cost mechanics preventing you from adding that one more enchantment that you've been holding out for, forcing you to start a new helmet from scratch), then finally upgrade to netherite.


    This would:

    - give players a reason to collect and keep chainmail and leather armor, and to actually care about their enchantments long-term

    - give players a reason to craft or collect and keep gold weapons and tools, 

    - make enchanting much less frustrating

    - enable players to use their starter wooden pickaxe in the end game, upgraded to a netherite one

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    I have more ideas such as

    glowstone: glowing effect

    gold: passive piglins

    redstone: creates a redstone signal

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    Minecraft smithing table ideas

    keep its current use.

    can upgrade diamond and netherite armour using other armour.

    adding leather armour to these armours decreases fire damage and the length of slash potion effects but speed in water is decreased due to leather making it hotter inside the Armour and increases how fast food is needed.

    Adding iron armour increases durability by 10% and knock back resistance and a small increase in protection from melee hits. But .25 slowness for each bit of armour with the effect.

    Gold armour makes guilded armour this stops you being attacked by piglins within a radius. One peice 6 blocks two peices gives you 3 blocks three peices gives you 1 block and full stops then attacking and gives you luck one with a full set so you get better loot from chests and fishing. But you have lower durability and and fire damage doubles your decreases in durability cuz golds low melting point.

    Lapis armour gives u a small speed boost and increases how much xp you get per ord by 30%

    Emerald armour, decreases villager trading cost for 2 emeralds per piece. Makes pilliger patrols 50% more likely (cuz they want emerald)

    Nether star+totem of undying adds the effect of a totemt to your armour so you don't need to hold it. But it breaks the peice once used

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    RUNER44 commented
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    Maybe add tiers of shields that coincide with the armor types, including netherite shields, all with their own style, the current shield would be the base shield "iron shield" since it uses an iron ingot.

    Of course you would also probably have to change the shield mechanics as they are since there would be no actual incentive -other than durability- to upgrade your shield if the base shield already blocked all the damage.

    If you were to make it so that shields don't block ALL damage by default, you should be able to add protection and unbreaking type enchantments to the shield, and the best shield (netherite prot 4) would act like the current shield as it blocks all damage.