How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!

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    Mc Rat commented

    You should be able to build birdhouses or birdbaths for them

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    ZillionBeret512 commented

    Maybe they could drop different types of feathers, just for realism? It could be used for some unique banner patterns and such.

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    marnixhp commented

    or like feather hats 

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    Sarelth commented

    Personally, I would love to see crows, ravens, and magpies. Have them appear in small groups that follow the player from a distance and they could have a chance of swooping in the pick up dropped items, similar to foxes. Don't have them steal directly from players, as no one likes their stuff going missing, but those seeds you didn't get a chance to pick up, or that healing potion you accidentally dropped on the ground, fair game. After they grab an item, have them regroup with there pals and maybe compare loot, making some noise while they sit there high in a tree. If you track them down you might also find other items that they acquired. Loot table could simply be random mob drops, especially shining objects. 

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    JuicedPrism113 commented

    What about biome-specific birds? Like albatrosses for the sea, seagulls for beaches, ducks and ospreys for rivers, hawks/eagles for mountains. What about making hawks/eagles tamable, so they help you hunt passive mobs and sit on your shoulder.
    Also it would be interesting if birds flew away when you approached them, unless you sneak and move slowly (like ocelots).
    Maybe you could add animations for them, such as digging for worms, or diving and attacking fish. This would make a world feel more alive.

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    spunkydogeinatr commented

    maybe different effects on arrow physics when using different feather types?

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    LikaLarukuToo commented










    They'd add ambient sounds to every biome.

    Wild birds could steal your meat, tamed ones could help you hunt.

    Crows would have hidden nests full of shiny treasures.

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    Kylie W commented

    I love this idea! I think regular song birds would be an excellent addition to Minecraft! I also love the idea about many different variations of bird coming from the spawn egg, like horses or tropical fish. I think some birds I'd love to see would be magpies, robins, blue jays, finches, crows, hummingbirds, swallows, and wrens!

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