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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Additional "Storage Blocks"


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    You have my vote!

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    Great just like on Reddit, but here you can include the picture in the post itself so you don't have to link them. I would say to have the main image displaying all of them and then a link saying "here are the blocks individually" or something like this. Still has my vote!

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    PlumCheetah9 commented

    Really cool! A lot of useful blocks that could really make a difference when trying to decorate a village/market/store. Would really like to see more beautiful storage blocks in the game. And the crate format looks great!

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    Niknokinater commented

    These are incredible textures and decorative blocks. Beautiful work lad !

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Yes. Take my vote!
    Mojang please!

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    ValiantVoleXb commented

    We need this.

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    Nein Cubed commented

    The building possibilities...you've got my vote.

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    zoeyleb commented

    I would love to see this added so useful for a bunch of stuff like markets walls roofs storage rooms etc  

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    catcagames commented

    I think that if these were added which I hope the are, I would make my roofs from these, and a big market. Endergy, you never fail to inspire and put us all in awe! These fit into vanilla perfectly as well.