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Bad Omen Effects

under review


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    This so awesome, idea with this peoples can get 5 lvl of bad omen, and defeat full raid

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    This could work if balanced correctly.

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    Not only would it make it easier to get a full scale difficulty raid, but it would link to the idea that other pillagers follow you after taking a leader out, hopefully using you to locate a new village!

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    Would make game more challenging with those effects!

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    qwertyww commented

    Not a bad idea! Plus, removing the omen w/ milk would allow players that are just trying to defend themselves without fighting raids to remove the side effects without too much trouble.

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    +1, this would also make the raids a lot more challenging since even PewDiePie has won against raids first time playing.

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    Love this idea!

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    Xakozow commented

    This is a great Idea! But I would like to see some  more Hero Of The Village  stuff, Like Levels which are  dependent of your levels of Bad omen.

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    JeffSyuChujs commented

    Agree!I think it could be a challenge advancement to defeat the raid with full lock.