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Snow golem spawning in snowy villages


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    Unknown Dobo commented
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    Have snow golems spawn in groups of 1-3 to combat their relative weakness compared to iron golems.

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    Levi Waldrop commented
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    Agreeably, yes there should be more per spawn. I will change that.

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    I think Snow Golem Spawning should follow the mechanics of Iron Golem Spawning. Every time Villagers would normally spawn an Iron Golem, if the temperature of the biome is less than 0, there should be a 20% chance to spawn a snow golem instead. Or maybe the chance is equal to the percentage of children in the Village Population, and 10% when there are no children. And, the chance doubles during snowy weather. Just some ideas.

    This could also make Iron farms built in cold biomes snowball farms as well.

    Would need to fix the Snow Golem AI so that it doesn't attack creepers, so creepers won't come into the village and explode. 

    Thanks for considering Mojang!

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    MrD1085277 commented
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    And the Iron Golem shouldn't be aggressive after a Snow Golem hits him with a snowball.