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Village Raid Themes

under review


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    catcagames commented

    Suggestion: use the "droopy likes" themes

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    leolerenard74 commented

    Actually I love this idea of raid theme

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    I like this idea! Some epic fast-paced battle music as you defend your people would make for a perfect addition!

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    I think they should have intense drums or horns at the beginning of every wave when pillagers spawn and have "marching" music during the raid. Every time there's a raid i imagine the theme of hyrule castle from botw playing. Something intense like that would be great. Also the instruments playing should correspond to the enemies in the wave, like piano for pillagers, trumpets for ravagers, bells for evokers, and drums for vindicators, that way we can know what we have in our hands. Every time they are wiped out, their corresponding instrument goes away so we know that they are gone

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    I was thinking the very same thing. This is what lacked during the raids.

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    santiperezq commented

    Love this idea , maybe they should add themes to the wither and dragon too

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    Burger Eater commented

    what about an ender dragon, elder guardian, woodland mansion, and wither boss themes. its very off putting in those situations too. maybe you can get all of them on a music disc too? ;)