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Illager Trainee: A Way of Adding Factions


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    Good idea, bit confusing but good idea. Would there be a villager trainee and would the villagers have weapons cause otherwise everyone would choose Illiger

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    It is a good idea, but the illager trading should be far worse than the villager trading, else nobody would choose the villagers.

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    Jove Rogers commented
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    I really really really enjoy this idea! This would be an incredible content boost for the update. My notes:
    - The Trainee should be racially ambiguous (greyish-pink skin?) if he's to be taken to either a village or an outpost.
    - The kid ought to fight monsters with you, albeit somewhat poorly so you'd have to defend him.
    - I don't know if trading with the illagers is right. It ought to be something that inducts the player into the pillaging lifestyle, rewarding them for the emeralds & loot they bring home. Also up the iron golem spawn rate (I've never actually seen it myself in my villages) and give the villagers ways to actually defend themselves. That way pillaging villages becomes a challenge to consider.

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    En _ commented
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    I actually had an idea really similar to this, minus the trainee part! I'm gonna put up some of my own ideas:


    -All golems, except ones spawned by people working with illagers should attack them.

    -You should be able to start a raid on the village, and illagers will throw items at you if you win, similar to players with hero of the village effect. I feel this would be a better replacement for the "trade" as that doesnt feel like an illager thing to do.

    -You should also have ways to lose rep, such as by killing villagers, golems, illagers, ravagers, winning/losing raids etc. The climb upwards should be exponential and exponentially easier to fall down.

    -Let us ride Ravagers!!!!!

    -Illagers should protect you if you get hurt, similar to how they protect their own.

    -There should also be some unique bonuses you get the more you help illagers, like a slight crossbow buff that helps make up for the differences between the two.

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    DushaOllen commented
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    I've tried to add a similar post. But I have an idea, that the player can trade with Illagers by Ruby - new ore (not new, if you know what I mean). Following which Illagers become peaceful, and Villagers (as well as Golems) hostile mobs.
    I think that the first trade level must be like with Piglins. The player must hold a Ruby in his arm (because of what Illagers won't attack the player) and then trow it. Maybe next steps can have similar system with Villagers.
    Also after selecting a side a Ravager can be tamed and ridden by the player. However it will be much more difficult to tame a Ravager than a Horse. It requires a different type of saddle. Feeding two tamed Ravagers (Enchanted?) Golden Apple activates love mode, causing them to mate and produce a foal.
    The player can learn from Evokers how to summon Vexes as well. It could be a new line of development - Magic (do not confuse with Brewing).

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    I was just going to suggest something like this. In real life, some criminals don't want to keep on the path of evil, and change for the good, I thought they should implement something like that into Minecraft. But this is a better idea than the one I thought up. Good work! :D Personally, I favor the Illagers, but I use commands to make them peaceful. I prefer the Illagers' appearance over the Villagers'. But that's just me. ╮(─▽─)╭