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    Robert Cousins commented

    Good idea, bit confusing but good idea. Would there be a villager trainee and would the villagers have weapons cause otherwise everyone would choose Illiger

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    Jhian Gabriel Muhi commented

    It is a good idea, but the illager trading should be far worse than the villager trading, else nobody would choose the villagers.

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    Jove Rogers commented

    I really really really enjoy this idea! This would be an incredible content boost for the update. My notes:
    - The Trainee should be racially ambiguous (greyish-pink skin?) if he's to be taken to either a village or an outpost.
    - The kid ought to fight monsters with you, albeit somewhat poorly so you'd have to defend him.
    - I don't know if trading with the illagers is right. It ought to be something that inducts the player into the pillaging lifestyle, rewarding them for the emeralds & loot they bring home. Also up the iron golem spawn rate (I've never actually seen it myself in my villages) and give the villagers ways to actually defend themselves. That way pillaging villages becomes a challenge to consider.

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