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split screen typing


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    nerdking44 commented
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    I definitely agree with this. It’s cool how Minecraft is one of few games that you can actually play up to four players split-screen whilst online with more players. However, the Chatlog keyboard input on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is not “split-screen friendly” and it is kinda difficult to communicate with online friends while playing split-screen. My idea is to have a mini-on-screen keyboard in each split-screen player’s screen.

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    We are pretty sure, when we first got ps4 and Minecraft,(fall 2019) that the on-screen keyboard only displayed on individual screens. We came from Minecraft on wiiu and I remember we were all saying "yay it's actually usable now". I don't know if it changes from an update or we all are remembering wrong but it wasn't very long before the keyboard starting blocking the whole screen. My family rarely uses signs or anything else that brings up the OSK because it gets everyone else killed. I feel like they consider 4 player split screen to be too niche to really worry about. It's the absolute best way to play even considering it's various issues.

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    FlexTRexOfOz commented
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    My gosh that is the worst user experience. How can you have split screen gaming available that requires keyboard for searching for items or chat and have keyboard pop up and stop both players' games.