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Item sort button for chest interface


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    This was submitted November of last year and it only has two votes and no comments? Really? This seems pretty simple...

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    BelgarBR commented
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    This is really something that would benefit a lot o players, in old versions, when theres wasn't many blocks it didn't seem like too much trouble to sort your inventory by yourself, and this is in the way way older versions, I am a returning player, I haven't played Minecraft for years, and now to me this seems as a must have feature. There's just so many items I think it would be easier for a player to sort their chest if this was actually a feature in the game.

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    Matthew Schad commented
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    Cappin Chunk commented
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    Love the game. So hard for me to look at a disorganized chest, though. Would also love a quick button to stack like items in your inventory to stackable items in the chest.

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    ThahLawFull commented
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    YES. This is a minimal feature and to be honest and I don't care that I'm mention Notches name, he, should have had this implemented, get it done MS.

    It's really nice that these corps etc that make .. or no make and or take over .. another's game heh hem. .do so mostly with games that they buy, from others, they never do anything to the original mechanics like this, they leave it but change game play etc only to vamp it and make it new so more players join. Hey I get it, it works and it's good for the game.

    It'd just be nice to have that chest feature. Been what now?; How many years?


    IKR?; HillyBeast, should have been done ages ago, like I already .. hate to have to spray it again but hey, most games today.. have this as a basic feature. Like it's given. Usually. But hey it's MS so :) what can you expect, probably busy saving the world.

    Just thought of something else.. what would it take for say idk some team to work on it?; Like what an entire day of code?; Maybe? I doubt at all very long.