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Custom Particles


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    We can add custom sounds and sound events into a resource pack, so it'd be nice if we could also add custom particles, too. They don't even need to have the more unusual capabilities the existing particles have (e.g. the elder_guardian particle).

    Just graphics, whether gravity affects them, lifetime, stopped by blocks or not, a handful of possible actions when the particles expire (e.g. spawn some different particles), not much else.

    Heck, even just copying a parent particle from the "minecraft:" namespace with custom graphics would be really useful.

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    As other members of the community have stated, we have the ability to add custom sounds using resource packs (sounds.json) alongside the actual sound file (.ogg). These custom sounds are then used in the same using their provided namespace.

    Custom particles could function in the same way, having a particles.json file to register them and a special particles folder for the image icons. Similar to the sounds, in the json file, there would be a path to the texture files. Using multiple of these paths could indicate the particle is animated through various textures.

    Besides the actual texture, a wide range of attributes could be added to the json file such as the speed of the animation (if animated), whether the particle acts with gravity (like dripping_lava), the normal duration of the particle, whether or not the particle travels through blocks, whether the height of the particle (how far it travels up) is affected by a block beneath it like with the campfire particles, etc.

    Adding custom particles could act very similar to the already existing custom sounds.