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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. For any concerns regarding individual posts, please use the green feedback button. Don't see your post? As people are automatically subscribed to threads they post, you should check your email that you log into this site with and your spam filter too, especially if you are posting a lot of ideas. Thank you!


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    Hi there,

    No social account is needed to post on feedback.minecraft.net, however we do encourage everyone to leave positive comments for the team and when needed, constructive feedback. Typically, positive feedback tends to be less specific, which makes it more difficult for the community to find and interact with - that doesn't mean we don't want it! (We also like having specific feedback so we can pass it to the right team(s), who work very hard!)

    That being said, the team does have a couple of ideas on how we can collect a more balanced picture of feedback going forward, but are waiting for certain software features to be introduced. Much like Minecraft, we're a work in progress! We appreciate you raising this subject up to our attention so we can keep it in mind.

    (For those curious, you may read about why we require an account in general for posting and voting here.)