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Oak and apple trees get separated into different plants


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    Evan Bookout commented
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    KingAlbano19 commented
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    Why is it only the good ideas that dont get much votes?

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    scubadog2000 commented
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    I'm surprised that we've all just sorta gone with this for so long. In the tooltip, they're explicitly called oak trees as well, so it's not like there are two thoughts about it.

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    Birch Sapling (Ground) -> Birch Tree (Bee's)

    Spruce/Pine Cone -> Spruce/Pine Sapling (after Ground) -> Spruce/Pine Tree (Spruce/Pine Cone)

    Acacia Beans -> Acacia Sapling (after Ground) -> Acacia Tree (Acacia Flower, Bee's)

    Acorns (Pigs) -> Oak Sapling (after Ground) -> Oak Tree (Truffles)

    Dark Acorns (Pigs) -> Dark Oak Sapling (after Ground) -> Dark Oak Tree (Dark Truffles)

    Apple (Horse) -> Apple Sapling (after Ground) -> Apple Tree (Apple)

    Cocoa Beans -> Tropical Sapling (after Ground) -> Tropical Tree (Cocoa Fruit -> Cocoa Beans)