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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Alternate Crafting Tables


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    Disagree. Crafting recipes for banners are horribly unintuitive, expensive, and difficult to memorize. The loom is a great step forward.

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    Really what I think is: if all of us really want these same recipes to be kept in the original crafting table, then why should there be so many GUI utility blocks as an option at all?  It's simply too much, and it simply breaks the simplicity of this sandbox game's roots.  It is not a role-playing game, dungeon game (that's what the upcoming spin-off's for), and it is not a hyper-realistic game.  The current team simply can't make such radical rewrites to this beloved sandbox game.

    We already have a furnace for smelting/cooking things, a brewing stand for potions, an enchantment table for acquiring random enchantments, an anvil for repairing/renaming/combining similar tools, and a crafting table to take care of all the other crafting.  The Loom, Stone Grinder, and possibly the Cartography Table are just enough to top this already long selection of utility blocks.  And when I say utility blocks, that excludes decorative storage/standing blocks like barrels and lecterns, which I think are just fine.  We don't need to over-complicate the furnace by splitting it into two blocks for food and ores when we can just have one.  We especially don't need a crafting table that only makes bows, arrows, and crossbows.  That can consistently be said with the table for swords and such.    When updates are in request, does that mean old, beloved features and gameplay have to be more restrained or out of the usual?  How can anyone judge if these new blocks for crafting systems are better?

    You can't replace the biggest rules and call it the same game.  All in all this is a micromanagement for the creation of an imposter game, meant to satisfy players who are bored with what Minecraft doesn't have, rather than exploring other games that already have features and themes like this.

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    Either the team is trying to keep the bored players hooked with these rule-breaking features purely for money, or they're radical enough to have no respect for the roots and rules of a really good game.

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    How is this creating an imposter game?  The basic mechanics of placing and breaking blocks, exploration, fighting mobs, farming, and even crafting will remain the same!

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    @William Miller it's the complexity of all you mentioned that matters.  If the team is making stuff like crafting harder or more time-consuming for the player to access, rather than adding on to it, then it isn't the same game.