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Reapers and Phantom Reapers


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    I wanted to write my idea, but the author of this was ahead of me, so I wrote how I see a reaper in a comment.

    The reaper is a hostile mob, a shower spawns in hell in the sand (it can also be called up by a special ritual or when a fireball hits a shower sand). It looks like a black skeleton in a torn cloak, and in his hands he has a scythe, attacks all the mobs that are not considered undead. It can appear as one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, armed with a scythe can cause damage to several mobs at the same time. Also, the spit has three enchantments: Harvest, Wave and Death Dimension.
    1. Reaping - after hitting the spit will launch a wave around the player who will fly 5 blocks on all sides and cause damage to 2 hearts to all mobs on the way and all plants through which the wave passes will be destroyed.
    2. Wave - rather the ability than enchantment. Allows you to collect light and shoot them at the enemy creating a wave of light, flight range 30-40 blocks, damage 3 hearts.
    3. Measuring death - something like “Fidelity” for a trident is only better. After the player dies, the spit with this enchantment will fall into this dimension and when the player revives the spit will fall out of the dimension of death right in front of him, the spit cannot burn in fire and lava.