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Chunk Simulator


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    This kinda sounds like something I've been complaining about for years. When I set up a Redstone circuit, then leave the chunk and come back, it screws it up because the game stops loading that chunk, which messes up the timing in the circuit. So, for example, I had a mine that I would stay in for days at a time, so I set up a clock system above ground that used daylight sensors and command blocks to tell me when it was day or night so I didn't have to use up an inventory spot for a clock (this could be remedied with a watch/glove slot on your character). But if I left the chunk to go exploring, or even if my mine shafts took me out of the chunk, it would pause the circuit, then the second I reentered the chunk it would turn it back on, and it would send both the dawn and dusk messages, no matter what time it actually was. Then, it wouldn't send either message again until I climbed the clock tower and reset the circuit by flipping a lever off then back on. If there was some sort of block that you could leave in a chunk to tell the game to always load that chunk, no matter how far away you are, but that would not affect the other chunks and that could be turned off by breaking it, it would make a lot of Redstone engineer's lives easier...
    I think this block should be obtained through a hidden command that can be used even with cheats turned off, without disabling achievements.

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    I'd love to see this.

    I tried making another posting asking if there could be a way to keep farms growing that doesn't require cheats turned on (so we don't have to make the choice between being able to explore, being able to farm or and being able to get achievements) but they shot it down as being "too similar" to something so I presume it's this they were referring to.

    Personally I'd be happy if they just allowed ticking chunks in a non-cheating world but obviously this would be heaps better.