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We welcome feedback about menus, toggles on menus, buttons on menus, input devices (like touch controls and keyboards), and Minecraft’s interface. How do you play? What would make it better?


Third person toggle for mobile devices


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    JurscBeaver commented

    I think that's a great idea, maybe with an option to hide the button if you don't want it.

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    Thanks JurscBeaver! :) I meant to mention that, I will edit that in

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    This would be a great idea for larger phones and tablets, not so much for smaller phones, I've tried playing on a smaller phone before it's already unpleasant enough. Give it a toggle option or have it off on default depending on the device.

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    That is a good idea, demonslayer! 😁

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    BahloulMahdi commented

    And the annoying thing is... This exact thing exists on the Chinese version of Minecraft pe! Yes there is a button next to the pause and chat buttons that lets you change pov on the fly.