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End weather


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    corbincam06 commented
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    when it rains, it should rain up, down, and to the sides, since the end is an island dimension and doesnt have an exact "up" even though gravity only goes one way, this also means they should add clouds at a high level and a low level, and the clouds should be purple, now this "rain" wouldn't be water because enderman are allergic to water, it would make the ground slipery because its rock, which would be a challenge for climbing from island to island, the wind thing you mentioned is kinda weird, but i think it should be implemented, but as in ocationaly you go up 1 or 2 blocks, or down 1 or 2 blocks if your in the air, which isn't crazy to say because of shulkers, and there should also be this weird rain that rain's "end slimes" up and down, it would be weird, but the entire dimension is weird so why not.

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    How about rare acid rain that appears randomly and could float upward or in some strange orientation.

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    NoJoyMaloy commented
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    This would definitely make the End a more interesting location.