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Camera Modifications


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    DankestFke commented
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    Next Year Update Will Be Called Realistic Update ll

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    Aeviantos commented
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    Would also appreciate the ability to change the roll of the camera, and also force first / third person.

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    Sometimes I'd just like to play the game in third person, but at the moment the camera doesn't allow an enjoyable third person gameplay experience. For this reason I support your idea.

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    Fallrein9688 commented
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    I absolutely agree, as for now the third view is neither practical or cinematic. Its fixed position and that it has the same mechanics as the first view makes it clunky and annoying.

    If I were to fix the third view angle, it would behave similar to any other third person open world game: the WASD keys tells the character which direction to go, but the viewing angle stay, that is controlled by the mouse. The character will of course do action whereever the mouse is directed.

    I'm not saying this would guaranteed work in action, but I believe that on paper it could work much better than the current third view.

    Why do we need a better third person view? For a more cinematic exporation/ adventuring experience.

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    Luggibumm commented
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    Maybe even overlays with color or something!