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What is parity? This category is designed just for features that exist but work one way on one platform, and another way on a different platform. Bugs are not parity! Please read the intro post before you post!


(Java Parity) Update the Bedrock sounds.


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    Ethan56889 commented

    Yeah, I have to download stuff for that! It really should be an official feature.

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    Lesnoy0216 commented

    Я хочу, чтобы сделали звуки из java

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    agrastiOs commented

    Yes please! Also cave ambient sounds.

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    iLuvGaming95 commented

    (Off-topic, but kind of topic) They should put the music from C418 from the Update Aquatic soundtrack in Bedrock.

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    Ptholomeus commented

    Yes please, sometimes playing in Windows 10 edition feels like playing an unofficial version, or kinda a pirate copy of Minecraft Java Edition because of the sound fxs

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    itsMBN commented

    What version are you talking about cause i have all the sounds you mentioned in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (door, trapdoor, fence gate opening / closing jumping in water etc.) v1.10

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    Yes also noteblock sounds

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    What I miss the most are the cave sounds...It isn't the same Atmosphere when exploring cave systems like it is in Java...