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Painting Selection GUI


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    Agt Montag commented
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    I think this idea is LONG overdue. 1.14 broke up the paintings into individual textures and has even added animation!

    In addition to this idea, I'd like to see this coded for people to load their own named painting textures for future Texture/Resource packs.

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    Can we please have this amazing idea? I was actually getting on to create a feedback post for this and searched first, so thank you.

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    I would like to see a bigger selection of paintings in the regular game. art and furniture fronts would be great. I've built some giant structures castle being one of them and there's not enough painting selections to fill it.

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    ProSparrowR commented
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    I was just about to post exactly this. I'm making an art gallery in my world and not only is it super frustrating to get the paintings you want but also there's only a small number of paintings so any sort of museum type structure you want to make is limited to how big you can actually make it without repeats. if the paintings are easily selectable then they could add as many new paintings as they want, they could take the painting sets from all the best texture packs ever made and add them with no worry of making the player's life more difficult. I'd also love the ability to upload custom paintings to the game, including PNG and GIF files. it's currently possible to make custom "paintings" by overwriting maps using special programs but that's impossible on servers and realms, I also don't want to just change the texture pack I'm using, it'd suck if I put a custom painting up in my house that really fits the theme of my build but everyone else on the server only sees like a Creeper or something and it actually clashes with the decor.

    I want custom paintings on realms and servers that people can actually see. also add HD player skins so I can make myself more fancy.

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    Gugalcrom123 commented
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    I like it but i want the menu to be more Minecraft-style