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Add toggle to have "Legacy Console" movement on Bedrock


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    I thought I was the only one ':/

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    You are not the only one. I came here to discuss the same.

    It’s not even an issue of “getting used to” the Bedrock control scheme, it’s that the older Nintendo Switch edition “felt better”.

    Control can be a subjective thing in video games, but generally we all agree when a developer nails it, and controls “feel good”. I can tell you that the controls for the Bedrock version of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch are a significant step in the wrong direction, and would ask that the current Minecraft developers play the old Nintendo Switch version (which was outsourced by the way) for a day or two, then come back to their own version, and it will be quite clear how clunky Bedrock actually is.

    I’m sure they where so concerned about getting it working at all, that these concerns where left by the wayside. (Remember the better-together update was quite late on Switch). However, now that it’s been functional for some time, we need to speak up. It’s the only way we’ll get this corrected.

    Thanks for your consideration team.

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    I didn’t notice a difference