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Add Invert X-Axis option


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    SoylentsGreen commented
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    It's hard for me to even get into playing minecraft on my switch, i gotta relearn my camera controls

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    StarL1ght3553 commented
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    Same here I need controls flipped.. try to look right and end up left, makes it so hard to enjoy on switch..

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    Luigi120s commented
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    This would make things so much easier!

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    I have just purchased this game for the Switch and I am staggered to find out there is no invert x-axis option. It seems like such an obvious oversight that should have been fixed by now. The game is unplayable for me until this is fixed.

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    Otigyrum commented
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    I cannot believe that this doesn't have more traction since camera inversion controls is seen as an accessibility issue for many other games. 

    I am constantly fighting with the camera when I play on console because it goes entirely against my intuition for where I want it to go. 

    It is even stranger since there is a Y-axis inversion toggle. I've seen some friends get confused thinking it was a bug that the X-axis toggle was missing. But Mojang never even made one to begin with, feels like missing functionality.

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    astrxnautical commented
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    i just got the switch version because my computer doesn’t run it very well and on pc i had an outside controller driver that inverted the x axis and it’s impossible to play without the x axis inverted and it annoys me that there’s no option to do it.

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    ndruha commented
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    I had to refund my Minecraft on iPad yesterday because there is no invert X axis option on controller. There is invert Y though. It's quite silly when developer makes one and not the other. There is a significant percentage of gamers who are both X and Y inverters.