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Isometric Screenshot


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    Java Dragon commented
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    Screenshot the world from what angle?

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    Sam Scott commented
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    This is the idea I also had! The angle is like, the 0,0 coordinate, which was a corner in indev when the feature was in use.

    Here's an example. It works best with limited worlds, which are a separate idea, but still.... I want these screenshots back. They were very glitchy though.

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    Blast Burner commented
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    Omg yes. Why was it taken out? That makes no sense.

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    It was taken out as it took a screenshot of the whole world and it would take a lot of reworking for the new (basically) infinite world generation. Although it is possible if the center was the player's cords instead of 0, 0 and it screenshoted the chunks in your render distance instead of the whole world. I think there was a mod that did this called mineshot but it hasn't be updated since 1.8.

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    It was removed when the Infdev came in.
    Do you know how could the image look with an infinite world? I was able to obtain a screenshot of the Infinite world and it caused my PC to crash.

    The image was larger than 10 Gigs. 😱 Even the editors back in 2010 there was no way to open that screenshot.

    I still have the image, but its corrupted back in 2015 when I dropped my laptop on a floor and HDD almost died.

    I have even tried to move the HDD platters into my another not working HDD and no success. 😢

    There are some mods like DynMap and more like Mineshot that can do this feature too.

    Mineshot wasnt updated since 1.9 came out. But there was one guy who edited the Mineshot to work with early 1.9 versions