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Bubble Column Dimension


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    Metorack commented

    Not sure if I like the idea of a water dimension, but interesting ideas none the less.

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    Mostly, this idea is about exploring a different perspective.  Overworld, End, and Nether are all horizontal worlds.  They end vertically, but continue infinitely in the horizontal plane.

    It be an interesting to flip that.  The horizontal ends abruptly and the vertical is infinite. 

    It doesn't necessarily need to be "water" based.  I went with water because it's different from Nether or End, and swimming would be easier to traverse in a vertical world like I described.  Maybe you don't even need the bubble columns, but I added them because it be a quick way to move through the dimension.  The bubble columns would require different mechanics here.  If the user were to build through them, it shouldn't cut off the column.  Sponge might not have the ability to work in this dimension either.  I'm not sure if mechanics like that could be sorted out.



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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    Strangely I normally don’t vote for the wacky and weird ideas like this but actually I sort of like it. The creativity in this is really cool and I like it, but there is one thing i’d Like to know. What would be the point of coming to this dimension. The nether has quartz, lots of stuff for potions, warts and netherack. This dimension has all stuff from the oceans in the over world and you don’t sound confident in any of the structures, mobs, and new blocks. I’d like if could maybe make seperate posts about the stuff in this dimension. Thx for reading this and I hope you respond! 😜

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    I suppose the focus of my idea here is mostly on the schematics.  It's a vertical dimension.  I made it a Bubble Column dimension because bubble columns by definition are vertical transport systems.  I thought it would help the reader visualize what I'm trying to describe.

    Structures in the Water themed dimension could be unique towers of coral, prismarine, and sea lanterns.  Like small caverns piled up on one another.  Places to swim into and rest.  Inside would be new eel mobs that don't like you encroaching on their territory.


    However, if I'm honest I don't think Mojang will make a dimension based off of a physical element.  The Nether is a metaphor for Hell.  The End is a eerie abyss, maybe even something that represents purgatory or the aether.


    I think if there were to be a new Dimension theme it could be a Light/Heaven/Sky dimension.  It should focus on brightness.  Perhaps Fusion Blocks, blocks of pure light.  Or a new light orange/yellow building block call Honeystone.  Cloud blocks could form there and can be mined with silk touch.  Frail creatures that look almost angelic could reside there.  Perhaps Gold plated golems could protect structures of some sort...

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    MuffinMaker28 commented

    Read it. And like it.