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Angler Fish


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    They should take damage when exposed to high light levels, to ensure that they stay either deep down in the ocean, or in water-filled caves.  Also, if they are exposed to any level of light, they should attempt to swim downwards.  (Also, they should drop glowstone)

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    Java Dragon commented
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    Yes, one glowstone and one raw angler. The angler could be eaten to give 6 (raw) or 10 (cooked) hunger points / food points to the player. 

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    Wolftopia commented
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    The angler fish spawns only at the very bottom of deep oceans, especially in underwater ravines. The angler would have 14 health, and just as spiders and endermen have glowing eyes, the angler would have a glowing white light, along with faintly glowing blue spots on its texture. It is neutral, and deals 10 damage if provoked. Feeding it lightfish will make it lead you to a flooded abandoned mine, which is a version of the mineshaft completely filled with water.