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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.




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    Blast Burner commented

    (Major gasp in background) Dude! Cheese Cake! I'm down. You and me are master chefs my friend(because I also have a list of foods as well. Not taking your idea).

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    bunny rabbit commented

    I had the same idea!
    Mine is a bit different though, but I'll comment it here because I don't think we're supposed to make separate posts for the same thing.


    I thought it would be cool if cheese was made in a cauldron. Milk could be placed in a cauldron and then after a while automatically convert into cheese (this makes some sense for soft cheeses). Once it has converted to cheese the player can take it out of the cauldron by right clicking on it.

    When the cauldron is full of milk the player would be able to take the milk back out with a bucket if they wanted to, but would not be able to take any milk out with water bottles. The time for the milk to convert to cheese would be similar to the time it takes a cactus to grow. A cauldron full of milk would output a signal strength of 3.

    When the cauldron is full of cheese the player would be able to take it out of the cauldron by right clicking on it and the cheese item would pop off in the same way bonemeal would pop off a composter. A hopper could also be used to automatically suck out the cheese item. A cauldron full of cheese would output a signal strength of 4.


    • Cheese can be eaten on it's own
    • Crafted into cheesecake (I got that from the original post, maybe there should be a separate post for cheesecake?) 
    • Used to brew a Potion of Nullifying

    Cheese would restore 7 hunger points (3.5 haunches) and have a saturation of 13, making it a decent food source. It would also stack to 64.

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    Evan Orizam commented

    Or pizza, yoghurt...

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    Evan Diaz commented

    Maybe cheese can be placed like cake and can be occasionally found in dungeons

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    TravelByTrain commented


    1. Cheese, especially when melted, is absolutely and utterly disgusting.

    2. I know cheese isn't "to modern" for Minecraft, but it just feels to processed of a food to put in game.

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    theESGandG commented

    With goats coming in 1.15 I could see this