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Frost Walker, but for Lava


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    RobotZap10000 commented
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    Great idea! But a bit overpowered... Maybe balance with an extremely high enchantment weight?

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    Martin Villa commented
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    Only to be found in nether fortress no more ways

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    Galiantus commented
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    I think this would balance well with the addition of some type of deadly lava monster in the nether. The only thing really gained with this enchantment is it would make exploring the nether a bit easier, but it should still be very dangerous to try.

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    This could just be a second ability of the Frost Walker enchantment

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    Mr A2222 commented
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    Another great idea that would make the new netherite boots special! I would personally love to see this implemented into the game!

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    How about Frost Walker II:

    As you may know, frost walker allows you to walk on magma blocks (no crouch) without being damaged. This is most likely due to the frost aspect which cools down the magma. But what if Frost Walker II were to be even colder, solidifying lava into magma temporarily before melting back up into lava. Using the same logic, it would mean that while walking on water the temperature will drop more than the first enchantment and therefore the ice could be blue ice instead of the packed ice texture (for further esthetics).

    Of course, like the frosted ice, the magma and "blue ice" issued from the enchantment would not be harvestable and will disapear after some time.

    The magma could disappear faster than the frosted ice as lava melts things faster than water. On the other hand, blue ice would stay longer than frosted ice because it is colder and will melt slower.

    Although this proposal is somewhat different than your original idea, it has the same core idea and it would be unnecessary to create a new thread for a similar idea. (it would also spread the votes thin)

    This would be an interesting addition to the game and would allow for better on foot travel in the nether.

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    Suggestion to keep it balanced! It lets you walk on lava but you still take burn damage. You would never fall deep into lava again and have no escape but you’re still at some risk. This damage could be negated with a fire res potion so you could easily travel in the nether!

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    Maybe it could only be found in the nether fortress or traded with the new mobs in the nether update