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Make it rain in savanna biomes so that we can bless the rains down in Africa!

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    Rain in Savannas and deserts should be a very rare occurrence but should trigger rare blooms and growth just like in the real world. I ultimately think weather in Minecraft needs to be rethought. You could have an option for classic weather as it is now and updated weather.

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    victor vu commented

    Thank you cornball, very cool!

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    I blessed the rains down in Africa!

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    Leeli Igiby commented

    Okay, the song, love. Idea for rain in svannah, not so much.

    Do we really need more rain? Isn't it gloomy enough as it is?

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    Seriously? People want this added because it’s a meme? While maybe it would be fine to have it rain every once in a while, it should definitely not be on a regular basis.

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    while very memetastic i still do believe it should rain in a savannah, it could be its own special weather that happens less than rain but comes dar far heavier than standard rain. 

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    As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.

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    It isn’t a meme, it’s a good song. But the music video sucks so much that it’s practically a world of memes in itself.

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    William Rey commented

    I would definitely try and add something to my game that makes Africa play whenever rain is triggered in the savanna

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    JACK7250 commented

    400th vote 40th comment make it count Gotta bless dah rains down in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA fricaaaaaa


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    When they update the Savana they should totes do this.

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    Drifting Blyu commented

    You know it does rain occasionally in deserts and savannas in real life. In the game there are rain and thunderstorm weather events. The game should have light showers that don't show up in dry biomes and should be much more common than rain and thunderstorms. Light showers should be completely quiet and less noticeable, which would be nicer for people who don't like rain.

    The option to sleep through the rain could be added if you still don't like the idea. It's already partially in Java edition after all.

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    Adham Azmy commented

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