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Changing {Inventory} tag structure


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    Dhranios commented
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    "Inventory:[Slot1:{id:"minecraft:stone",Count:1b},Slot4:{id:"minecraft:dirt",Count:2b}}" this is invalid NBT (lists objects can't have names)

    What I'd suggest instead is this:

    Inventory:{<slot as used in the replaceitem command>:{<item data without the slot tag>}}
    for example:

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    dopDtopZ commented
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    I really looking for this change, Im making a datapack with custom crafting table and it was a PAIN to make it.

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    RELapis commented
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    I wouldn't suggest removing the Slot tag, as currently you can do Inventory[{id:"minecraft:stone"].Slot to figure out the slot number, but I do understand the annoyance of the array index vs the Slot id.